Earn Money With Your Own SMM Panel

In reality, starting a social media marketing agency is difficult and takes time. We have a solution for it. You can order our child panel to launch your own SM panel. The monthly fee for a child's panel is about $25. As a result, you can facilitate the transaction between you and the customer without ever leaving your website. It's a simple procedure with just a few clicks and you can earn money.


Use SMM services we offer on our panel to quickly and efficiently boost the growth of your social media accounts.

Order Child Panel

What is Child Panel 

The term "child panel" is used to describe a panel that receives its parent's connection instead of having its own. The user experience could be slightly diminished due to the limited functionality of a child panel in comparison to a conventional panel.

SMM panels are well-known places to get marketing services for your clients.

There are two distinct kinds of these panels: those designed specifically for children and those designed for adults. Our intention with this piece is to provide you with some background information about kid panels and how they vary from the more common and cheap SMM panels.

Distinctions between a kid-friendly panel and an ordinary one

As was previously mentioned, while both being SMM panels, a kid panel and a standard panel have distinct differences. Some examples of how a kid panel differs from a conventional panel include:

Who Owns the SMM Panels

You can't claim sole ownership of a child panel. The parent panel retains ownership and responsibility for the child panel at all times when the two are connected through a connection. The parent panel may then decide to provide a child panel access to its panel. In other words, the data on your kid panel is completely under the control of the panel's regular owner.

How can I order SMM Panel (Child Panel)

1. First you should buy a domain for your panel, you can order it in any hosting or any domain provider

2. Modify the domain name servers to reflect the new name.

You can do this by going to the domain registrar's website. Once that's done, set the new name server to:



Why Should you have your Own SMM Panel?

Selling social media services to a customer manually is challenging. Having your own SMM panel, like we do, might help you save a lot of time. To top it all off, it will establish your internet presence, making it easier for customers to find you, contact you, and ultimately make a purchase. As an added bonus, you can count on it to maintain order around the clock, even while you rest. When you're not actively working, it can help you bring in cash.

Payment Methods for Customers

Here You can Use many different payment gateway and apply in your panel 

1- Payeer [300 Payment Method]

2- CoinBase , Coinpayments [Crypto Payment]

3- Cashmal [Perfect Money - Advcach - Crypto and many other Method]

What is a Child Panel?

A child panel is a panel with a limited selection of features that is linked to one of your regular panels such as ProSMM or any other panels

How Much Has the Child Panel Cost?

It will cost you $25 per month. Please note, you paying for panel, not for services, you have to pay for the services you will purchase from ProSMM

How long will it take to receive my panel?

It will take 3-6 hrs to activate your child panel if you changed your name server perfectly.

Do I Need Hosting for My Panel?

No, for child panel you just need a domain and that's all.

I have a Domain. What Do I Need to Do Next?

If you have a domain, you can simply change your domain name servers and point it to ns1.perfectdns.com. ns2.perfectdns.com After you successfully changed the name server, you can submit a order for child panel