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Why am i losing followers on instagram

Why am i losing followers on instagram

Why am i losing followers on instagram

Some 14% of Instagram marketers expect to see a decline in their audience in 2021.

It's understandable if you're among the 14% who have seen a drop in performance and are beginning to worry about the source of the problem.

Here in this article we'll discuss the main causes of Instagram follower attrition and the best practices for regaining lost ground.

1. One, either you don't post often enough or you publish too much.

Among the reasons brands lose followers, 40% of Instagram marketers cited a lack of consistent content as the primary cause.

The similar proportion, 33%, said that blogging too frequently can have the same effect.

The key to effective posting is finding a happy medium. Make sure you're posting frequently enough to reach your audience and not get lost in the shuffle.

You should post frequently enough to keep your audience engaged, but not so often that they begin to ignore your updates.

Some rules of thumb are as follows: Start by making an Instagram post every day, either to Stories, Reels, or your main feed. According to a survey of marketers, sharing Stories is the second most effective technique to increase followers, behind only going live.

Second, I recommend making a feed post twice or thrice a week. In response to the feedback you receive from your audience, you can choose to raise or decrease the frequency of your updates.

2. You're trying too hard to close the deal.

Your content is excessively focused on selling, say 39% of Instagram marketers, which is the second most common reason your company is losing followers.

According to our data, 39% of IG marketers use product/service focused content, which has the second greatest return on investment.

But if that's all you ever share, people may become bored and stop paying attention.

Once more, we must strike a balance.

It's important to share content that does more than just advertise your goods and services.

• conveys the essence of your company.

• It's a topic that begs to be discussed.

• Create group cohesion.

Another winning approach to content? Aim for maximum hilarity.

According to our research, humorous posts perform better than others in terms of gaining Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

3. You had Fake Followers

In the event that you invested in fake followers, you will be in for a nasty shock when they all depart and your number of followers plummets.

According to the poll, this is the third most common cause for firms to lose followers on Instagram, cited by 39% of Instagram marketers.

A large number of fake followers can be purchased, but this strategy will backfire in the end.

Focus on gaining organic followers by sticking to a posting schedule, providing value to your audience, monitoring trends, and reacting to data.

In addition, this process need not be time-consuming. We found that only 1% of marketers it took more than a year to increase their following by 1000. Sixty-five percent of marketers estimated between two and nine months.

And among those, 13% managed the feat in thirty days or fewer.

That's why you should look at the drop in Instagram followers as a chance to start again and collect more accurate data about your audience. (smm panel instagram)

4. Both your style and your tone vary greatly from piece to piece.

Consistency is a quality that is greatly appreciated by audiences.

Strong brand recognition is achieved through consistent branding and creative assets. Maintaining a uniform appearance is essential to creating an alluring profile.

If a person checks your profile and finds posts that appear to have been made by many brands, they may become confused and decide to stop following you.

If I'm perusing Facebook and I come across a brand I'm unfamiliar with in my timeline, I'll click on the profile to learn more about it. Many customers, I think, act the same way.

Keeping this in mind, it's important to establish your brand's identity and visual appeal right away.

After that, you can use resources like Canva to create a unified visual identity across all of your profiles.

5. Your target market has changed, and you haven't adjusted to it.

If our target audiences' preferences and habits never changed, we'd be able to more effectively promote to them.

Alas, such is not the case.

Because of this, marketers need to pay close attention to the factors that draw in and hold on to customers. Data analysis is a powerful tool for this purpose. I want to know what it's trying to tell me.

Let's pretend I work for HubSpot and our feed features updates on our customers' successes, information on our products, our core principles, and information about current developments in our industry.

The performance of articles about industry trends may have peaked six months ago, but has since been gradually declining. It's possible that your target audience is bored with the topic or the way it's being delivered.

Perhaps you should start using video instead of photos.

What your data shows should be the driving force behind your Instagram approach. The number of your followers will drop gradually if you don't use it to communicate with them.

It can be disheartening to see your Instagram following decline. You can reverse the trend once you determine what caused the drop.


A "shadow ban" is likely to blame for a dramatic drop in Instagram popularity.

Possible causes include uploading contentious material, utilizing unauthorized software, or hashtag spamming.

The best way to undo the ban is to take a vacation from the platform and resolve not to repeat the aforementioned transgressions in the future.

With the exponential growth of the Instagram community comes a plethora of options for who to follow and who to ignore.

Therefore, there is now more competition on the platform to get your material seen.

Moreover, it's disheartening to watch your hard-won fan base dwindling away after you've put in so much work to build it.

Keeping one's Instagram followers is a priority for everyone. Instagram followers come and go, but the ones you have now are the ones who really care about what you have to say.

The quality of your relationships with other Instagram users is far more important than the quantity of your followers.

If you want to grow your Instagram and social media following, you need to give as much as you can to your followers.

And if people stop following you, that's okay; it lets you zero in on your core fans. It's perfectly natural.

It also implies that you need to adjust your approach to creating content on Instagram.

Instagram unfollows can happen for a variety of reasons.

Losing Instagram followers is frustrating, but the reasons behind this are straightforward to pinpoint and fix.